Grameenphone offer 2020 । Gp special offer

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Gp offer 2020

Grameenphone Offer 2020
Hello everybody today I'm sharing with you some gp special offer.
In our country most of the mobile user are using Grameenphone SIM.
So,we all of us want to know about gp offer.

Grameenphone offer many time many mega Bite with low cost.
Intact we can call it cheaf prices.
Some of these I'm share here.
You may enjoy it yourself and if you want you can share it with your friends, family.

List of offer  :

1. 101TK-100Min+3GB+48p/Sec-30D
2. 43TK-5GB-7Days
3. 28TK-48MIN-30Days
4. 24TK-35 Min+200MB-3days
5. 108TK-3GB+1GB 4G-7Days
6. 54TK-2GB-3Days
7. 148TK-6GB+2GB 4G-7Days
8. 99TK-160Min-7Days
9. 299Tk-4GB+1GB(4G)-30Days
10. 199TK-330Min-30Days
11. 47TK-48p/Min-5 days
12. 63TK-3GB(2GB+1GB 4G)-3Days
13. 239Tk-1.5GB-30Days
14. 247TK-1.5GB-30Days
15. 16TK-25Min-15Days

Screenshots : 


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