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Link DBBL Account with Payoneer.
Link DBBL Account with Payoneer.

How to Link DBBL Account with Payoneer.It is most important question for us that how to withdraw money from Payoneer to Rocket in Our Personal Account.Today I'm sharing with U a new topics About that.

What is Payoneer ?

Payoneer is worldwide market place for transferring money easily in online.It give us free mastercard for use.we can use that MasterCard anywhere for payment or buy or sell something.So,payoneer is a trusted money transfer platform for us.

How to get a free Payoneer MasterCard ?

It is a very common question for most of the internet User that how to get a free Payoneer can get free mastercard from Payoneer by sign-up in Payoneer.

How to transfer Paypal Money to Payoneer without fee ?

you transfer your paypal dollar in Payoneer by linking your Payoneer bank account with Paypal.Paypal doesn’t charge anything for transferring money with your payoneer account.

How to link DBBL Account or DBBL Rocket Account With Payoneer ?

Today I'm showing you how to link your Rocket Account with Payoneer for withdrawal money.That's mean you can withdraw your money easily from Payoneer to Rocket Account by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited.To link your Rocket Account at first Login your Payoneer Account.

After Successful Login now follow the all step attentively with care of mind.
Click On Setting option at corner

Now click On Bank Account

Now,Click On Add Bank for withdrawal.

Aftef doing that now click on Add Bank Account.

After that now you will see a menu for your bank account you need to add your Country,Currency

After fill up that you have to go next steps.
Now,here you have to enter your Bank name.Due to we are linking Rocket Account we have to  select DBBL for Bank Account.
After enter your bank name now,you have to enter your Branch name of your area.
Now you Have to enter Account Holder Name if your account created with your name you have to enter your name here.
After that now enter your Rocket Account Number.It is 12 digit.
After finishing that now mark on i agree and click on Next Button.

Now you have to confirmed your request for that you need to enter birthday which you use in Payoneer and Password of Payoneer.
Now click on confirmed.

After Finished all steps you have to wait 2-3 business days for confirmed your Rocket Account.

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